DC Gets Inked

The air was filled with the salty aroma of hundreds of uncapped ink bottles that were left at many a stations for trial. Shiny pens, thousands in number, laid neatly on the tables. Some strolled down from aisle to aisle, admiring what they saw. Letting out sighs of "Ooohs" and "Ahhs". Sometimes stopping to try what they saw and liked. And there were others rushing in hopes of finding the pen of their dreams. For many the dream turned into reality. For some, there is always another year. Have you guessed already what it is? Yes, it is the Washington DC Pen Show 2014.

The grand hall of Sheraton Premiere Hotel was dwarfed by floods of pen enthusiasts, collectors and novices who poured in as soon as the doors opened. Showcasing a wide array of old, new, branded and unbranded pens from over, Washington DC Pen Show 2014 was a hit, if nothing else. But it was more. Lots of new faces floated amidst many old ones. It was a beginning of a new chapter for those who were at the show for the first time. They made new friends, fell in love and hopefully will be back next year. For others, it was a reunion: of like-minded people, of old friends and of long lost love.

We at Pen Boutique were honored to see some customers, return again after last year; if not to buy pens, then to meet us. Monk Paper, the online lokta paper store, made its debut at Pen Show this year which was well received by the visitors. We also held a contest during the four-day event, which ended up making a very special guy very happy. Anson, became the winner of the contest and received a Lokta traveler journal and the Rare Retro 88 ballpoint pen.

It is always heartwarming to see someone unwrap a gift. Maybe that is why it is said, "Giving is more blessed than receiving." Here is a picture of Anson with the gifts,

This smile is one reason why, we at Pen Boutique love giving prizes. You can also watch this priceless video of him opening the gift.