Delta Icon

Delta Icon
Simple yet subtle, the new Delta Icon is a new range of writing instrument from Delta. This unique collection of writing instruments carries the proud tradition of the brand and exhibits their meticulous pen making skills. Like every other product from Delta, this fine collection is also notable for practical performance, exceptional design, and simple features. Yet again Delta has compelled us to attest that the beauty of a writing instrument is not only defined by expensive materials.

At first glimpse, the new Delta Icon line of pens look simple and there is nothing much fancy about this series of writing instruments. But, the series is built for sturdiness and performance. Like other Delta pens, this unique collection is also crafted from hand-turned Italian resin renowned for top-notch sturdiness. Each pen is highlighted by a marbled section either in red, white or orange perfectly embossed on the top of the cap. The elegant marble section gels pretty well with the glossy black profile of the pen. Each Delta Icon pen is garnished by elegant chrome plated appointments, the clip of the pen is designed precisely and resembles with Delta's traditional fusion nib. The iconic design of this pen makes it a perfect writing companion for casual fans or a great collectible for pen aficionados.

The new Delta Icon is available in two different writing modes: Fountain Pens & Ballpoint Pens.

The fountain pen version features a two-toned 18kt fusion nib and fills via cartridge/converter.
The nib of the pen is designed with absolute precision and lays down traces of beautiful lines.

The ballpoint version is a twist-action ballpoint pen. A swift movement of the wrist and this fine writer will extract or retract its tip.

Though being a sophisticated example of style and simplicity, this fine writer is labeled with a relatively thin price tag. Needless-to-say, the new Delta Icon is an everyday pen. Like other Delta writing utensils, this fine writer will also be admired for the sophisticated style statement it makes.