Engraved Pen Gifts

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As early as 60,000 BC, humans engraved ostrich eggshells used as water containers. These eggs are the first sign of humans engraving patterns. More advanced engraving developed over time and by the reign of the Egyptian and Greek empires engraving as a form of documentation and communication had developed. Again, to this date documentation from ancient Egyptians remain in museums around the world, leaving an engraved insight into an ancient world.

In addition to being a form of communication and documentation, engraving was used to reproduce printed artwork, documentation and in printing. Engraving has been used to create printing templates out of metal to reproduce newspapers, books, currency and art. To this day, engravings are used to produce unique moulds to create intricate currency the world over.

An engraved pen is a personalized gift that lasts forever. Graduations are the ideal time to give a gift that shows you know the former student has accomplished much and you congratulate the efforts.
Pen Boutique specializes in fine writing instrument engravings. We take great pride in personalizing with precision.

Here are some suggestions for the accomplished graduate on your shopping list:


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