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One of the premiere museums in the world is New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. Founded in 1870, the museum houses over 2 million works of art. Being the largest museum in the Western Hemisphere, it is one of the most visited destinations in a city known for its destinations. To highlight some of the museum’s treasured artists’ works, a collection of fine writing instruments was created based on the style of these artists. These pens afford a surprisingly great value for both the discriminating fine writing instrument collector and art connoisseur.

At such attractive prices you can purchase more than one of these keep sake pens!

Here are the best sellers from the series:

Louis Tiffany: The famed lamps and stain glass innovator generated many vases using his peacock feather designs.

William Morris: This British designer produced captivating wallpaper spotlighting flowers, leaves and fruit.

Vincent Van Gogh: The artist’s vivid treatment of colors and form is highlighted in this memorable depiction of floral brilliance.

Claude Monet: Details from Monet’s beloved Vetheuil garden grace the contours of this beautiful pen.

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