Further COVID-19 response.

Dear all,

Amazing! Wow and Thank you! These are the only words I can say for the overwhelming support you have shown after we sent out the email detailing our COVID-19 response. The kind words, offers of support, and orders have been encouraging during these trying times. I could not respond to every reply, but please know that I have read them all and taken them to heart.
We are still operating in a limited capacity. Our storefront is closed for now due to the order of the Governor and Howard County government to close non-essential businesses. We are not taking any engraving orders for now since our engraver is off-site. We have divided our team between working remotely and shipping orders, and only essential personnel are coming to the warehouse to work. We are also not taking any shipments received inside our building and are taking some extreme precautions to minimize the risk.
I know I always say that we could not have been in business for 15 years without your support, but in times like these, my eyes are filled with tears of joy, thinking that I have such amazing, pen loving customers who will always support us! I know pens are not a top priority right now( Some might look at me with "rolling" eyes :-)), but if you consider pens to gift to someone or for yourself whenever an opportunity arises, it will mean a lot to me and my team.
Stay positive, be humorous, maintain the 6 feet distance :-)

Thank you,