Happy Father’s Day

While Moms are usually responsible for maintaining order in the family, it is Dads who come as a much needed respite in hours of rescue. He is our big friend, our protector, most daughters’ first love and a son’s mentor. In a nutshell, he is more than the man who pays the bills. He is the man who stays strong for us in the worst of times. This Father’s Day don’t miss out on the opportunity to thank the big man. And rather than just expressing your gratitude with words (not that it isn’t recommended), pair it with a valuable gift. Pen Boutique presents to you an assortment of item that could be your Father’s Day gift.

1. Pilot Namiki Vanishing Point Pen Black Carbon Fiber/Rhodium Fountain Pen: The revolutionary push button fountain pen is one of a kind, just like your father. The black carbon fiber finish gives it a rough, sturdy appearance that has a nib of gold. In fact, this could even be a family heirloom.

2. Dalvey Grand Voyager Compass: For the outdoor-man that your father is or wants to be, the Dalvery Grand Voyager Compass is the perfect father’s day gift. With the glazed window and dramatic deep-engraved detailing the compass makes for a powerful yet classic impression.

3. Montblanc Cuff Links Round PVD finish Stainless Steel and Black Onyx: This pair of cuff links is a style statement; the black onyx is bold and the stainless steel frame is elegant. For the stylish pop who can always dress a notch above you, the cuff links from Montblanc is perfect.

4. Dalvey Desk Globe and Stand: The crystal globe can have emotional value if you don’t live very close to your father or work keeps you two away from each other around the year. The globe could easily be the centerpiece of your Dad’s work desk – a reminder that despite the distance he is close to your heart.

5. Dalvey Grand Odyssey Clock: Well the watch is the definition of classic and everyone should have one of their own. You father will love it, despite his preferences or taste.

These are the top five gift suggestion we have for you, but these aren’t the only ones available. We have prepared an entire segment stacked with possible Father’s Day gifts. Pick as you please for your old man.

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