International Mountain Day

International Mountain Day
Did you know that mountains cover 27 percent of the total land surface?

I bet most of you didn’t have any idea about the fact I’ve mentioned above. Yes, it's true mountains cover a major part of our earth’s surface but in a good way. Mountains are major source of sustainable economic growth; They are major source of elements like food,freshwater and energy that will be scarce in next few decades. So, to highlight the importance of mountain the United Nation General Assembly assigned 11th December as International Mountain Day. The day commemorates mountain life and tries to highlight its importance. For a greater sustainable future mountain development is a must. But, if we turn our head around and look we can obviously notice that majority of mountain regions are grasped by poverty.

This year UN focuses on mountain farming which is considered as a major occupation in upper regions. For most of them it is a family tradition, and it’s been going on from generations. In context of today’s world there is a greater scope in mountain farming apart from food cultivation. Mountain farming attracts tourism and their vivid handicraft goods can portray the traditional of the people residing on those region. For Instance, you can check out the array of Lokta Paper products available in Pen Boutique. In foothills of Himalayas, Nepalese people have been making lokta for papers from lokta shrubs.

Lokta grows in the shade of higher plants – in high elevation above 6500 feet. These shrubs go largely in suburb areas of the country where jobs are scarce and paper making is the only option for the villagers. Lokta paper is naturally resistant to insects and bacteria, and is renowned for its texture, durability and ability to last for hundreds of years.

I have piled an array of products that are prepared by using 100% genuine lokta papers.