Montblanc Writers Edition William Shakespeare

Montblanc Writers Edition William Shakespeare

Since 1992, Montblanc has been releasing special writer's edition writing instruments to commemorate various literary greats. 2016's writer's edition puts a special focus on the man who has altered both playwright and poetic world with his out-worldly creations - William Shakespeare. As 2016, is the year that marks the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death, it must have been the right time for the brand to honor his impeccable legacy. This beautiful series is available in two different versions: Montblanc William Shakespeare Limited Edition 1597 - a beautiful red lacquer writing tool with an ultra-limited guilloche pattern and Montblanc Writers edition William Shakespeare - black and white lacquered collection of writing instruments designed with absolute precision. Though both writing instruments bear no resemblance, these writing were exclusively designed to pay homage to one of the greatest, if not the greatest figure of the literature world.

William Shakespeare Limited Edition 1597 Fountain Pen

The gorgeous Montblanc WilliamShakespeare Limited Edition 1597 Fountain Pen represents the year release date of famous play "Romeo and Juliet". The outer appearance of this beautiful writer exhibits the meticulous craftsmanship of Montblanc experts. Each element on the pen is carefully designed to reflect the persona of the writer. The guilloche patterns on the pen are carefully overlaid by a layer of lacquer. Though the main portion of the barrel is highlighted with color red, other colors are used to bring out the vividness and highlight Shakespeare's legacy. Around the base of the cap, there is a seven faceted golden ring. Each section of the ring features an etched design representing the playmaker's most famous creations.

Montblanc William Shakespeare LimitedEdition 1597 is available in fountain version only.

Montblanc Writers edition William Shakespeare
The second array of writing tools is the Montblanc Writers edition William Shakespeare. The collection features a rollerball, Ballpoint, and Fountain pen. But, if you are willing to buy the set then a mechanical pencil is also included. The beauty of the beautiful white barrel is decorated with an engraved feather-like pattern and a gold ring with etched symbols of Shakespeare's greatest creations.

With this unique collection, Montblanc have definitely modified their idea of pen making as they have replaced their iconic snow capped top with a hexagonal top which bears a close resemblance to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. But, this is not it: the circular end of the clip resembles with Shakespeare's earring, some experts have also pointed out that the circular end refers to his nickname - "the wooden O". Though different, both collection features some iconic elements that will remind one of the famous playmaker.

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