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Monteverde Jewelria fountian pen and the Ballpoint set.

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For sometime the Monteverde Jewelria fountain pen has fascinated me. The design is beautiful but the name Jewelria always threw me off thinking that it is a pen for the women. But recently I had a chance to take a second look at the pen and especially at a bargain. The fountain pen was perfect size and had a good length. The pen is not so large and is light. The pen can post but thought that due to design the top might be heavy. But that does not bother me as I usually write without posting the cap. The pen which was picked up here is the green swirl as green is my favorite color! I used the converter and filled up the Pelikan Adventurine Edelstein green ink and started to write on my meeting book from Rhodia ( yeah those notes!).

The nib is smooth and does write nicely. I wrote a page in Rhodia and was ready to write even more. I will be using this for the week and more until I guess I will find another pen which will raise interest ( should not be long).

I have the picture below and I think it is a gorgeous looking pen. The ballpoint version which fits the capless rollerball refill will make a good set to use it when you are on the road or need it for other purposes where you don't want to use your fountain pens.

PEN : Monteverde Jewelria Fountain pen

INK: Pelikan Edelstein Adventurine ink

Paper: Rhodia Meeting Book.

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