Patriot Day

Patriot Day
The disastrous event of 9-11 is something that left a deep scar of sorrow in the hearts of all our Fellow Americans. On, the day four jets were hijacked and crashed into the World Trade Tower and Pentagon in Arlington resulting death of more than 2900 American citizens. Amongst the four jets one was directed towards Washington DC but due to the efforts of brave passenger the plane crashed into a nearby field in Pennsylvania.

Each year to commemorate the victims of the catastrophic terrorist attack Patriot Day is celebrated. The day honors all the lost lives, and pays a tribute by incorporating various activities. Here are lists of activities that are conducted all across the country on this following date.

At 8:46 a.m. a moment of silence is held all across the country to commemorate all who lost their life in the event.
American flag is flown half way down in the whole America and across the borders.
The day honors the brave 411 rescuers who lost their lives trying to save others who were trapped in these buildings.

The inhuman terrorist attack brought a deep grief which cannot be expressed in a small set of words. Though time healed our wounds to a certain extent, we can never forget the heart breaking tragedies that the day brought with it. So, let’s pray for peace in this Patriot Day and remember all who demised in 9/11/2001.