Perfect Writing Instruments for Kids

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I was looking for a fun pen for my kids (6 and 9) to use and learn cursive with. I decided to go with the Pelikan Pelikano and Pelikano Junior. They really are perfect for kids, or anyone just starting with fountain pens. They both are available in Right or Left Handed A (starter) nibs. The Pelikano also offers a Fine or Medium version. I like the ease of getting the pen ready to write - just a quick push and the ink cartridge popped right in.

Pelikan Pelikano

The colors are great as well - the Pelikano is available in Green, Yellow, Red or Blue and the Junior version is Turquoise, Violet and Red.

Pelikano Junior
The kids finally chose the Pelikano Junior since the ink cartridge was pirate-themed. It's a shame that the ink cartridges are not available with different themes here in the US. My daughter picked out the Turquoise, Violet and Pink ink cartridges and my son went for the Green, Red and Blue.

They also thought it was cool that they could put their names on the pen with an enclosed sticky white label.

I found the pens to be easy to hold and the grip section comfortable in my hands. I was not expecting a smooth nib for the type of pen or price, but was pleasantly surprised. The ink flow was perfect and did not clump or flow out excessively.

Now I can't wait to get home and help them learn a new way of writing.