Sheaffer 300 Fountain Pen and Rollerball Sets for the holidays with extra holiday gift box

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Sheaffer 300 Fountain Pen and Rollerball Sets for the holidays with extra holiday gift box

Sheaffer Fountain and Rollerball set for $75 ( Retail for $150)

Sheaffer Fountain and Rollerball set
Sheaffer Fountain and Rollerball set

We have created a unique Sheaffer fountain pen androllerball set for the holiday. We chose the Sheaffer 300 which has a nice width and a good balance with a wonderful writing quality. The color we chose was the red ( like a marble finish) which will symbolize with the joyous holiday occasions.

The packaging of the pen comes with a Sheaffer black box with Sheaffer dot logo. It has the Fountain pen, rollerball pen, 2 cartridges ( one black and one blue ) and one rollerball refill which is black in color. The fountain pen does come with the converter ( Sheaffer) and you do not have to buy another one.

The rollerball pen has a nice balanced weight on it and has a chrome plated steel cap. The pen is a snap cap and has black refill in it. It takes only Sheaffer rollerball refill and the Sheaffer rollerballs write so smooth.

Pleasure of writing with Sheaffer Pens

The writings as shown in the picture do write smooth and on Rhodia meeting book that we used, it was a pleasure to write. It will make you feel like taking some notes in the meeting ( don’t know if it is going be meaningful but these notes might come handy some day!).


Sheaffer Fountain Pen
Sheaffer Fountain Pen

The fountain pen is an identical twin to the rollerball pen. The Nib is a standard Sheaffer like nib – stainless steel with Iridium nib. Sheaffer steel nibs are sturdy and not flexible. The nib does write smoothly even for a fine point filled with the Pelikan Edelstein Green Adventura ink . For our test we used the fine point.

Sheaffer Pen
Sheaffer 300 pen set with Pelikan EdelsteinGreen Adventura ink

The writing is surprisingly smooth even for a fine point. The fountain pen comes with a converter and can use cartridge also. Converter is included in the box and also a blue and a black ink cartridge. The cap is a snap type cap and snaps in and out nicely with a click. The clip is a nice big clip and has a sheaffer dot on it. Many of our customers have expressed their love for the clip.

The final conclusion is that these are a great every day pen. You can use the rollerball to note down quick notes and then alternate with the fountain pen to cherish your writings or flow your ideas on to the paper. Either way these are great pens and value for the money . The 50% off sale is icing on the cake. These pens are no longer be produced from Sheaffer and hence our idea of making a set !!!

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