Taccia Covenant Fountain Pen Review

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Taccia Covenant Fountain pen
Taccia Covenant Fountain Pen
The Taccia brand first came to my attention with their Savanna line of buffalo horn pens. This is a unique pen, and Taccia has kept that uniqueness with the Covenant series of fountain pens. The first thing that comes to mind when looking at this pen is a cigar. The cap, which is more of a sheath than anything else, covers almost the entire length of the pen itself. When posted, only the front section of the pen is visible; when capped, only the rear section can be seen. It is a very interesting design, as the elongated cap has now been repurposed – Not only does it protect the nib, but it protects the body and is more like a carrying case than a cap. The pen can be used separately or in conjunction with the cap. Taccia offers three colors – Jet Black, Midnight Breeze or Parchment Swirl – with either a Fine, Medium or Broad nib. The body and cap are made of hand-turned resin and the two tone nib is flexible and made of stainless steel. A converter is included, or one could use international size cartridges if preferred. A retractable ballpoint is also available in the same three colors.

The Covenant is an interesting pen – upon first look, the posted cap makes the pen look like it would be too unwieldy to use comfortably. However, I found that the large cap fit very well between my thumb and knuckle joint, with the leading edge of the cap resting on the meat of my thumb. That being said, it does feel a bit heavy in the rear when used this way, so I found I preferred using the pen sans posted cap. The pen itself is weightier than it looks, likely due to what looks like a good amount of metal in the front section as well as some in the body. While flexible, the nib did not give as much line width variation as a Noodler’s Ink pen would. This is certainly not a knock on the nib and if you’re not interested in one that is ultra flexible, then this performs very well. The pen feels well constructed and ready for every day use. One caveat if you are posting the cap – unscrew the pen by gripping the threads. If you have screwed the body in too tightly and grip the front section, you will end up unscrewing the front section only and leaving the body in the cap.

While the posted look (or even the capped look) may not be for everyone, the Taccia Covenant should not be ignored if looking for a new fountain pen. The cap is a value-added feature, since it doubles as a protective casing for the pen itself. In hand, the pen performs very well – it is comfortable, of a good length and girth, and imparts a feeling of quality while in use. Style-wise the Covenant is a no frills affair that would be at home next to a Churchill cigar, right down to the clip “band”. If you want a unique piece that writes well, or even just a weightier resin pen, then take a look at the Taccia Covenant.

- Joe (Pen Boutique Limited, 5560 Sterrett Place, Suite 101, Columbia, MD 21044)