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Ink Blotters

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Back in the days when everyone used quill pens and fountain pens the one thing that could be found on every office or writing desk was an ink blotter. Ink blotters were usually made of a soft absorbent paper formed into a card and were used to dry up excess ink. Today, these vintage blotters, made in the 1930s and 1940s, are very highly prized and sought after collectibles. Ink Blotters were a very popular form of advertising that were often given away by fountain pen manufacturers, banks, merchants and especially Insurance Companies. Antique Ink blotters were as common as...

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Delta Vintage Stylus Review

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Delta Vintage Stylus Combining classic looks with modern technology, Italian brand Delta introduced the Vintage Stylus to its lineup. The cap and front section are crafted from a marbleized resin, while the body is constructed from a brushed stainless steel. At the rear of the pen you find a stylus which can be used with your smart phone, tablet, or anything else that has a capacitive touch screen. The stylus is becoming more and more prevalent in the marketplace, though it does seem that most luxury brands are slow to integrate the technology. The Delta Vintage Stylus gives fountain pen...

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