The Faber-Castell Loom Review

I was looking for a nice writing fountain pen for under $50 and I found it. The Faber-Castell Loom pen is perfect. It comes in a variety of colors, including metallic. I picked the newest color - Purple, though the Lime was good looking too. The box surprised me for an inexpensive pen. Most of the time the boxes are throw away, but this one is a keeper, due to the heavy construction and clean styling of it.

The pen wrote the first time out of the box with no issues. The Extra Fine nib is very smooth and doesn't skip at all. I also purchased a Faber Castell converter, even though it will accept any international converter or short ink cartridge. It may be just my opinion, but the Faber converter seems to hold more ink.

The grip was a little slippery, but still comfortable. The shiny barrel does seem to keep fingerprints on it as well. This is easily fixed with keeping a clean cloth around.

The pen is balanced well and is not top heavy. The cap fits in with a snap so you know it is closed and the cap also posts well.
I am very pleased with my new purchase and plan on using it for years.

- Joy

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