Visconti Watermark Fountain Pen Limited Edition

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A symbol of pure novelty, the intriguing appearance of the new Visconti Watermark Fountain Pen has mesmerized pen aficionados from the day of its inception. This unique writer has received a lot of acclamation for its finesse design and the performance it gives on paper.

At first look, the pen is gorgeous and carries the proud legacy of Visconti's innovation, craftsmanship, and elegance. Crafted with precision, this surreal writer combines two sophisticated elements to create a vivid charm that will even surpass expectation. The acrylic cap and barrel of the pen are wrapped inside filigree cut out from a solid silver tube. The filigree cut off resembles with Visconti's logo and artisans at Visconti have carefully aligned brand's symbolic representation to create a watermark type pattern, doing justice to the name. While writing, the transparent profile of the pen allows you to check the volume of ink. The sterling silver exterior of the pen is coated with a layer of palladium to prevent it from tarnishing. The precise construction makes the new Visconti Watermark a masterpiece and demonstrates the out-worldly ideas of Visconti artisans.

As majestic as the pen looks on the outside, its functional side is equally elegant as well. Each Visconti Watermark Fountain Pen is equipped with a double power reservoir which holds large volume of ink compared to standard fountain pens. Like other luxurious pens from Visconti, this fine writer is also fitted with a 23kt Palladium dream touch nib. The nib comes in six different options: fine, extra fine, broad, double broad, medium and stub. Between the nib and the barrel, there is decent space that allows a comfortable hold while writing. Though the profile of the pen looks sharp and edgy, it is a beauty to hold. The large profile of the pen sits perfectly in your hands, while its ergonomic grip section offers an effortless penmanship experience.

The cap of the Visconti Watermark pen is fitted with a traditional Visconti bridge shaped clip with the name of the brand chiseled on either side. On the top of the cap, there is an embedded logo of Visconti, while the rear has a neatly done flattened end. The stupendous design of the pen is further garnished by a beautiful band that reads Watermark. And, for pen aficionado's who don't prefer writing with a fountain pen the series is also available in rollerball version. At Pen Boutique, we are selling Visconti Watermark Fountain Pens for $1695 and the rollerball version for $1495.

All said and done, the Visconti Watermark will make a great collectible in every pen enthusiast's pen chest. Like every other pen from Visconti, this fascinating writer has also helped to reposition the value of pens from writing utensils to luxury accessories. The value of this pen is nothing less than that of a precious ornament; the precision of this unique writer makes it a precious gift for special occasions and an item which could be passed to future generations.

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