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Washington DC Super Pen Show 2013 from our employee view!

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Washington DC Super Pen Show 2013 from our employee view!

Every year we write about the Washington DC pen show. It is one of the largest event for the pen fanatics! Dealers and customers( mainly collectors) from all over the world come to display their items or purchase. We had a customer from Argentina. This was his first trip to USA and he is a lifelong pen collector. This year instead of us writing the blog, we thought it is better to hear from our own pen geeks!

By Victoria and Kim

As a pen lover, I find myself browsing various pen related web sites. I longingly look at products I do not own, wondering how they’d feel in my hand or would look on my writing desk. Often times, I wish there was some magic place where I can see all the pens, touch all the desk accessories, try all the inks, and talk to other passionate pen geeks about what I love. Once a year, my wish is granted.

DC Super Pen Show
DC Super Pen Show
I attended my first DC Pen Show this year. At first, the sheer amount of people and vendors were overwhelming. Soon enough, I was in a sea of people who shared my love of all things pen related and enjoying myself. It was lovely to finally see in person products I have thus far only seen online. And to have other people on hand to answer any questions I may have had was a real bonus.

DC Pen Show
DC Pen Show
For me, the DC Pen Show is community, a group of people united in the buying and selling of writing instruments and who enjoy sharing their knowledge with others. If you love pens, ink, paper, or any other pen related products, do yourself a favor and join us, your pen community, next year. It will be fun.

Kim ( Pen Boutique employee)

"In a world where technology has replaced much in the art of browsing, it is a welcome relief to experience an oasis of collectors, dealers, retailers and pen newbies gathered under one roof for a weekend to celebrate the fine art of writing. The DC Pen Super Show in Tyson’s Corner, VA, which took place this past weekend provided that respite."

Be it a historical collectors’ 1st edition Parker Jotter, a beautiful hand-crafted leather pen pouch or the latest in Japanese nibs ( you should check out the new Namiki Justus), all showcase a common devotion to a treasured skill set.

Washington DC Pen Show
Washington DC Pen Show
The joy of finding something you have long been searching for or the discovery of something you never knew existed are equal in experience. Those opportunities were in abundance at the event for every participant on the look-out.

The buying, selling, displaying and demonstrating of inks, nibs, paper, mechanical pencils, loops, old pens and new pens was prevalent at each vendor table.

Washington DC Super Pen Show 2013
Washington DC Super Pen Show 2013

Both old and young, vintage and futuristic can be sought and found with each step to the next table. At the show you are just as likely to come across a young six year-old girl clutching her wadded bills in her hand concentrating hard to reach a decision on which Disney Minnie Mouse pen to purchase as you are to see an old-timer extolling the good-ole-days when penmanship was taught to every young person as a graded subject.

So mark your calendars for next year for the second weekend in August so you too can enjoy a communication form that is far from fading like the ink on a packed-away love letter.

Victoria ( Pen Boutique employee)

We would love to hear from you if you attended the Washington DC supershow!

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