Why Pen and Paper Writing is better than Typing

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Why Pen and Paper Writing is better than Typing
It mustn't have been long since you wrote a short shopping list, left a memo at your work desk or scribbled something on your kid's notebook. But, how long has it been since you last wrote a long draft with a pen and paper? It's awful to see an increasing number of people switching from writing to typing. The innovation of technology has altered the way people write and are slowly taking us away from the world of writing instruments. Needless-to-say, the use of pen and paper has rapidly declined over the past decade.

Undoubtedly, laptops and modern gadgets have made their way into our classrooms and meeting halls taking the place of our beloved pen and paper. Obviously, typing has an upper hand if you are playing the role of a scribe, but if you want to study your course material then definitely the pen is still mightier than a keyboard.

Today, precious writing implements like fountain pens have become nothing more than a mere nostalgic showpiece. With the advancement in technology, handwriting practice is slowly being pushed towards the corner. But, did you know that handwriting comes with tons of benefit? So, without wasting much time let's look into the benefits of handwriting.

Handwriting Makes Our Brain Work Faster

There is so much you can do with a pen compared to a normal keyboard. Picking up a pen and a pad of paper to write not only enhances your handwriting but also improves your cognitive and learning senses. Writing stimulates a bunch of cell in the brain called Reticular Activating System (RAS). RAS works as a filter that tells your brains which activities it should prioritize first. And, while writing this bunch of cell brings the art of writing to the forefront.

Less Distraction

With your laptop, you'll have other apps running which will definitely pull your attention from "just writing". On the counter side, writing with a pen and paper will allow you to solely focus on writing and will not engross your attention anywhere else. Besides that, writing with a pen will enhance your memory power and helps you to retain those notes on your head for a longer period of time.

It Makes You A Better Writer

Nine out of ten writers believe that writing with a pen makes you a better writer than typing your words on a computer screen. Most writers pen down their thoughts on a piece of paper before actually typing them on a computer. The slowness of your hands gives you adequate time to think before jotting down the next letter. So, the words you write with a pen will be more accurate, error free and will break your bad habit of using autocorrect function. Apart from that, people who use a pen to write complete sentences better compared to their keyboard typing peers.

Good Handwriting Will Serve You Beyond Elementary School

Good handwriting will not only aid you throughout your schooling days, fluency in handwriting also fills the void space in your daily life. It enhances your concentration, makes your brain sharp and helps you to stand out amongst your peers in any working environment. Experts have also stated that practicing handwriting is the best exercise for people who want to keep their brains sharp as they age.


With the introduction of laptops, smartphones, and tablets, typing has become the go-to method for many. Indeed, typing is fast and it does make our life easy but what about the benefits of writing. Handwriting comes with loads of benefits and it's essential for even an avid typist to include handwriting practice on their to-do list.

So, if you think handwriting is worth it, pick up a pen and start jotting your thoughts on a piece of paper.

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