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World AIDS Day: Spread the Word of Prevention

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World Aids Day

Every year on 1st of December World Aids Day is celebrated throughout the world to highlight the importance of eradicating a deadly disease commonly known to us as HIV/AIDS. If we turn our head around then we can obviously notice that the world has taken a huge leap in medical field compared to past decade, but in the context of HIV/AIDS there is still a lot to be done.

Till date there are thousands of people in U.S. who are in grasp of this deadly disease. Amongst them less than 25 percent of the total affected population reach their treatment and the rest have to live with it due to number of barriers. Conclusively, this has brought out negative vibes and has left many with a bias state of mind. The main solution for this problem is to work together and built a strong community that constantly focuses on eliminating this global phenomenon. Here are few things that you can do to commemorate this day.
  • Look for the organizations that are planning World AIDS Day programs and actively participate on those events.
  • Conduct community awareness programs and convey the importance of eradicating this deadly disease.
  • Target schools and colleges, and conduct programs to raise awareness. Also highlight the importance of safe sex.
I have just listed few suggestions, there are many more things that you can do to highlight the importance of this day. Remember, this is an important issue and avoiding it, just might not be the right thing to do. So, gather your friends and families, and unite to fight against HIV/AIDS.

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