Fixing A Dry Pen

Tips and Reminders for Fountain Pen Upkeep!

In the course of regular use, your fountain pen may develop a scratchy quality on paper or have a halting writing pattern due to obstructed ink flow. While there is always a fountain pen refill to fix the problem, you can also use the following steps to ensure that your favorite pen continues to write smoothly.


Remove excess ink

New pens come with sediment and used ones can dry over time, thereby clogging the feed system. Therefore, it is crucial to clean your fountain pen regularly. Be it an old pen or a new one, the first step should be to flush the fountain pen tank with warm water. Run warm water through the pen to flush out all the particles and dried ink (until the water runs clear), and then leave it tip-down on soft paper towels to dry.


Check the paper quality

It is not always your pen’s fault if it writes scratchy. Sometimes, paper quality may impact your writing experience. Certain stationary responds to ink better than others. Some paper absorbs way more ink than necessary, creating feathering and bleeding. At the same time, there are also paper types that do not absorb ink at all. You stationary should be liquid-ink-friendly to ensure that your pen is working smoothly and writes evenly.


Check the quality of ink

Ink flow will also vary from pen to pen. Some inks are self-lubricating, while other inks contain particles that can clog the feed system, making your pen write poorly. You can consult the ink infographic located on our website’s “Library” page to learn more about the quality of the various bottled ink brands we offer.


Consider repair

If you have tried all the steps discussed above and you are still struggling to write properly with your pen, then consider getting it repaired or investing in a new pen. At the Pen Boutique, we are happy to take a look at your pen if you believe it is damaged, and either adjust the problematic mechanism or send it to the brand’s repair branch.


Considerations to make before a purchase

Not all fountain pens and their nibs are the same. There is a wide range of options suitable to all needs and budgets. However, it is important to know that choosing a finer nib will mean finer line and the use of less ink. So, if you are looking for a wet writing experience and don't mind additional refills, you must choose wide nibs.