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Supporting a good cause has never been so easy and good. Pen Boutique was formed with customers in mind and with our success, what better way than to give some portion of it to the society. You might not realize that every purchase you are making, you are actually helping someone in need. Someone who may be 3000 miles across, where a dollar may be a days meal...

Pen Boutique shoppers by purchasing with Pen Boutique indirectly help in the world of charity. Every purchase you make with Pen Boutique, we automatically set aside a portion of it ranging from 5% -10 % for charity. Some manufacturers or distributors have given us more leverage and hence the difference of amount per sale. We have supported numerous local organization and school. In addition to that, Pen Boutique's owner has extended herself to open and support a school for the disabled students in poverty line in remote village in Nepal. Please read below in detail on this and would also like to thank you for shopping at Pen Boutique and helping these children, who might have a better future.

You have also at the same time helped us to extend our support to the local community and various other organizations.

Please do visit them and they are some of the excellent sources of giving back to the community for the needy We always say that where there is less administrative costs, they give back more to the community. This is another criteria that we try to follow while giving.


Penboutique and Jeet handicap service center

Do you know that your $1 spent today, can make a whole day "grand meal" for the poor kids in Nepal. Better yet, it can help in their education fees? Even better, it can make a change in a child's life from being a bonded labor to the light of education and self attainment...

With the main objective to serve disabled people and to make them self-reliant through income generating skills, the organization "JEET HANDICAPPED SERVICE CENTER" was registered at District Administration Office, Morang, a remote village in Nepal. The Organization is established at Indrapur VDC.

Pen Boutique Ltd,Columbia,Maryland, USA was the major driving force behind the creation of this organization, with their generous contribution and regular contributions every year.

The organization was initiated by the example of Ms. Seena Kumari Shrestha, daughter of Mr. Dhan Prasad Shrestha. Despite being a disabled person, Ms. Shrestha did vocational studies at Ryder Cheshire Home, Jorpati, Kathmandu,Nepal in 1990. Since then she has been earning enough to support herself with the skills learnt from the vocational studies. Seeing this achievement, Dhan Prasad Shrestha, thought to provide similar meaning of the life to other disabled children in the society who do not have means to pay for vocational studies and be self sufficient.

Currently it aims to provide services to the poor disabled children of the village of Indrapur and villages in the surrounding areas. The main criteria of the school is that the child is a handicap and they are from a poor family in the poverty line. Nepal being one of the poorest country and being an underdeveloped nation have many children who fall in this criteria.Moreover, being in village, education is given the least priority. Children are usually used as a means of cheap labor.

Mr. Shrestha along with his volunteers do go around and have involved the village development committee ( the village formal authority) to recommend the parents to send their children to the Jeet Handicapped Service Center.

The organization takes care of the following for the child:
1) To arrange lodging and food for the Disabled and helpless children from the age of 10 to 20 years.
2) To provide general education and knowledge concerning primary health to the handicapped children.
3) To make these disabled students be self reliant by allowing them to generate income by providing various skilled oriented vocational training such as sewing, knitting, cutting, Dhaka(Nepalese traditional cotton handicraft)knitting, "Mudha"(a type of stool), Doko and Dalo(a type of Nepalese local handicraft basket made of bamboo fibers) and similar other works by utilizing local sources and means.
4) Encourage and endure self-confidence to disabled children with a vision in their life.
5) To carry out any other activities which can enhance the all round development of the Disabled children.


Pen Boutique's role:

Pen Boutique Ltd, Columbia,MD a leading fine writing instruments dealer, was instrumental in establishing the handicap service center and thereupon, has continually contributed ( please see above as to how we set aside 5-10% out of each sale) depending upon the year, for the organization. Giving back to community is one of the major motto of Pen Boutique. But giving back to the needy especially who are handicapped and poor is even more significant, since these children are gone unnoticed in the bigger picture. Pen Boutique also provides pencils, pens,books and notebooks which are required by the school.

for more information, images and details about Jeet Handicap Service center please visit

Jeet Handicap Service Center
Keshari Marga
Kalikasthan- 79
Kathmandu -32

Jeet Handicap Service Center
5560 Sterrett Place, Sutie 101.
Columbia,MD 21044

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