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Montblanc Midnight Blue 60ml Ink Bottle Refill New

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  • In 2010, Montblanc come up with the ink bottle with a special front compartment for emptying residue and now holds 60ml of ink. More stylish and slightly heavier. Montblanc has also revised the ink making process to give an enhanced ink flow in your fountain pen. The ink box itself is also a keep sake due to the ribbon handle and sliding action of the box. There are several new colors to suit every individual taste and occasion.

  • Weight(lb) 0.6000
    Colors Blue
    Type Bottled Ink
    Size 60ml
    Material Glass Bottle
    Fast Drying Yes
    Water Resistant Yes
    Compatibility Standard Fountain Pen
    Brand Montblanc
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    Customer Reviews - 1 item(s)

    Midnight Blue a good color for signing documents which you copy

    4 / 5 Midnight Blue a good color for signing documents which you copy If you frequently sign documents which you need to copy, this blue-black ink works well as it allows for you and your staff to easily distinguish between originals and copies yet will disgruntle only the most extreme advocates of the "only-blue" and "only-black" signature camps. Unlike the Waterman version of blue-black, it appears less grey. Midnight Blue is a pleasing, well-balanced compromise between the "stodgy" Mystery Black and the "flamboyant" Royal Blue. The ink itself runs smoothly even through a new nib and does not spread a far from one's intended stroke, giving one the ability to create a crisp and controlled signature. If you display your inkwell, this newer-style Mont Blanc bottle appears luxurious enough to leave on your desk. Was this review helpful? Yes No 0 of 0 users found this review helpful.

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Product Questions

Is this Montblanc midnight blue an iron-gall ink?
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