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Pelikan P480 Pelikano Red Right Handed

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  • The Pelikan Pelikano Starter Nib Fountain Pen Medium Point. Every pen enthusiasts remembers with complete clarity the first fountain pen they ever held. The size of it, the feel, the weight, and in most cases even the brand. Unfortunately, everyone’s first fountain pen experience may not have been ideal for them. The pen may have had a balance they weren’t familiar with, it may have had a peculiar nib, and it may have just been ugly. With all these factors in mind, Pelikan has created the perfect starter fountain pen. The pen’s modern, sturdy, and universally appealing appearance makes it perfect for adults and children alike. The Pelikano is styled from a brightly-colored, sturdy plastic and fitted with a steel nib. The grip is meant to encourage the proper hand posture one must use when writing with a fountain pen. Even if this still isn’t enough, each nib has a large ball of metal on the tip to be forgiving no matter which angle the pen is poised at. Each pen comes with a Pelikan Giant-size ink cartridge, but because of its large barrel the pen is also converter compatible.

  • Type Fountain
    Colors Red
    Dimensions No
    Length Capped -
    Length Posted -
    Material Plastic
    Nib Color Silver
    Nib Material Metal
    Grip Material Rubberized Plastic
    Trims Silver Plate
    Retractable No
    Cap Mechanism Snap Cap
    Cap can post Yes
    Has Clip No
    Special Features Refillable for continued use
    Refills & Inks Cartridges/Converter
    Filling Mechanism Cartridge, Converter
    Complimentary Packaged in a Gift Box
    Series Pelikan Pelikano Junior
    Brand Pelikan-Pens
    Warranty Guaranteed for quality
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    Customer Reviews - 2 item(s)

    What a fun little pen!

    3 / 5 What a fun little pen! I own an M800 and an M400, and I was afraid I might be spoiled. Pelikan, however, has done a pretty good job with this, its least expensive pen. The nib is broad enough to suit me and is quite smooth, and the pen is fun to look at and carry around. It really "wants" to persuade you to hold your hand in the correct writing position but is tolerant of my backhand. A secret: You CAN fit this pen with a standard European-style converter. You just have to be certain the pen is screwed down all the way. This enabled me to fill it with some Iroshizuku ink to delight my eye. I think this is the pen that will ride around in my handbag, and it may be the one that writes out the checks. Was this review helpful? Yes No 0 of 0 users found this review helpful.

    A seriously fun pen

    5 / 5 A seriously fun pen What you see is what you get...a well designed, odd looking, useful fountain pen. Like my other Pelikans, it is built for the long haul; rugged, smoothly finished and reliable. I especially like the "triangular" grip section, which not only encourages proper grip, but together with the perfect balance, helps the writer keep going all day without grip fatigue. This is not the Pelikan you buy to impress people (doesn't match your designer Italian suit), but if you close your eyes, you could be scribbling with a souveran. The Medium nib is typical Pelikan, smooth with a hit of feedback, and tolerant of odd writing angles. Mine is definitely in my starting rotation--kind of a jeans and t-shirt sort of pen that I can use for reliable, trustworthy writing anywhere, anytime, but if it falls out of my pocket on the roller coaster, I won't go into a major depression. And, unlike my beautiful, shiny traditional pens, it is actually a conversation starter with people who wouldn't know a Conklin from a Caran D'Ache.. In all, it is an extremely well designed pen in terms of function, but flies in the face of the hallowed tradition of fountain pens that look like they were designed by the loan committee of a Swiss bank. Was this review helpful? Yes No 0 of 0 users found this review helpful.

Product Questions

I'll try again: 1. what is a "starter A" nib? 2. is this pen compatible with international standard converters, or does it need a brand specific one?
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