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Montblanc Bottled Ink - The Blues - Ultramarine - 30ml

SKU: MB_119574

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The deep blue Ultramarine from Montblanc's "The Blues" Palette commemorates the most prominent blue of Medieval Europe!

Ultramarine ink is a rich, cool blue reminiscent of deep waters, celebrating the hue created with lapis lazuli, prized like gold in the Middle Ages. 
Ultramarine is a part of The Blues Palette from Montblanc, celebrating blue pigment's history of scientific invention, artistic innovation, and global exchange.

COLOR: Ultramarine

Chinese blue Egyptian blue Lapis lazuli Maya blue Turquoise Ultramarine


Product Specifications

Brand Montblanc
Colors Ultramarine
Compatibility Suitable for Montblanc Fountain Pens
Material Glass Bottle
Size 50 ml
Type Ink Bottle


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