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Noodler's Ink Whiteness of the Whale - 1oz Bottled Ink

SKU: NDL_19807

Regular price $12.15 Sale price $13.50

Noodler's Ink The Whiteness of the Whale is a "harpoon-proof" or "bulletproof" pH neutral ink that is waterproof and fade resistant. It is NOT meant for writing on dark colored paper and will NOT show up as white ink on dark paper. Whiteness of the Whale is invisible unless it is exposed to a UV light. Safe for fountain pens of all types, this ink provides archival quality and is 100% made in the USA.


Product Specifications

Brand Noodler's Ink
Colors White, Clear
Compatibility Dip Pens, Fountain Pens
Fast Drying No
Size 1oz
Type Bottled Ink
Water Resistant Yes


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