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Pilot Iroshizuku Ink Set - Sho-kou

SKU: NAM_18438

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Inspired by the beauty of the nature, Sho-kou collection of Iroshizuku Ink by Pilot!

Each vibrant ink color embodies the beauty of Japanese natural landscapes and plants.

There are a total of 6 exquisite sets that each include 4 different 30ml glass bottle inks, packaged in an elegant gift box. These lovely ink sets will bring the beauty and expressiveness of nature to every word you write.

A tiny bit of a sunshine in a sunrise – when the sun is about to come over the horizon along with the beams in the morning collectively represents the hues of Sho-kou ink set which includes:

  • ku-jaku (peacock): This shade of green calls to the vivid feathers of the richly multicolored peacock.
  • shin-ryoku (forest green): A beautiful nod to the unchanging color of a dense evergreen forest in a long winter.
  • kosumosu (cosmos flowers): Akizakura (Autumn Cherry Blossom), the Japanese name for a Cosmos, originates from its Autumn blossoms and the resemblance of the petals to that of cherry blossoms. This pink is reminiscent of the friendly and endearing Cosmos Flower.
  • shin-kai (deep sea): This blue evokes the deep ocean, its primeval life-source untouched by the rays of the sun.


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Product Specifications

Brand Pilot-Namiki-Pens
Can Engrave No
Colors Multicolor
Complimentary Packaged in an elegant Gift Box
Material Glass
Set Includes 4 bottled ink of 30ml from Pilot Iroshizuku collection:
- ku-jaku (peacock)
- shin-ryoku (forest green)
- kosumosu (cosmos flowers)
- shin-kai (deep sea)
Size 30ml
Special Features Ink color embodies the beauty of Japanese natural landscapes and plants
Type Ink Set