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Rickshaw Ink Splatter (3 Pen Plush Coozy)

SKU: RB_CZY-3P-InkSplatter

Regular price $29.00

Simple, soft and flexible 3-Pen Coozy

Our 3-Pen Plush Coozy, featuring ink splatter artwork by @doxiegusgus. No flap, no elastic, no Velcro — but still secure (as long as you don't shake it violently upside down). Like all of our pen storage products, the Coozy is lined with our super-soft Royal Plush to protect and pamper your precious pens. The 3-Pen Coozy accommodates pens up to 5.8-inches in length.


Product Specifications

Brand Pelikan-Pens
Colors Assorted
Cover Design Ink splatter artwork by @doxiegusgus
Material Fabric
Mechanism Slide-in
Size 5.8" L


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