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Sailor Pigmented Sei Boku Blue Black Ink Bottle

SKU: SR_11-2092-242

Regular price $24.00

The new Sailor Pigmented Ink Bottle Sei Boku Blue Black is indeed designed to meet the expectation of every fountain pen enthusiast. The ink offers a deep rich color and leaves elegant set of words when imprinted on paper. Besides that, the ink also has fast drying and water resistant character. Each bottle of ink comes with a plastic cone to ease the filling process. Just turn the bottle upside down and the ink will instantly flow into the plastic cone. And you can swiftly fill the pen using the plastic cone, instead of dipping the whole pen in the ink bottle.


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Product Specifications

Brand Sailor Pens
Colors Blue Black
Compatibility Suitable for all Fountain Pen Brands
Fast Drying No
Material Glass Bottle
Pigmented Yes
Size 50ml
Type Bottled Ink
Water Resistant No