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Sailor's Sailor Ink Bottle - Ocean Blue( Special Edition) - 50ml

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Discontinued - limited stock still available   

Sailor's ink of the inks - the Sailor sailor's

Dye ink for fountain pens, Sailor's Sailor which is created under the supervision of Osamu Ishimaru. The blender wears a barman's uniform and uses a cocktail shaker to blend different base colors of ink to create color that an individual uniquely like! For the past 15 years, Sailor has been actively holding Ink Studio in-shop ink blending events all throughout Japan. These sought after events have always been a success with Japanese consumers lining up to have custom ink colors blended by their famed Sailor ink blender, Osamu Ishimaru.

This special edition bottle ink was originally intended to be sold solely within the Japanese domestic market; however Sailor has also decided to extend the availability to North America as well.

Each bottle includes the special "bartender" packaging box, along with an anniversary card and explanatory leaflet.


Product Specifications

Brand Sailor Pens
Colors Ocean Blue
Compatibility Suitable for all Fountain Pen Brands
Material Glass Bottle
Size 50 ml
Type Ink Bottle


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