Coming Soon: Lamy AL Star and Lamy Notebooks

Coming Soon: Lamy AL Star and Lamy Notebooks


Coming Soon

Coming in late April/May, we will be getting the new Lamy AL-Stars! The two new colors are the "Azure" and "Cosmic". The Azure is a soft, light icy grey blue. It reminds me of the skies on a rainy April day, and the Cosmic reminds me of the sun that comes out afterwards -- bright and glistening. 


Of course they both come in fountain pen, rollerball, and ballpoint.


Another exciting item we are getting in is the Lamy notebooks! 

We will have them in the A6 and A5 sizes. There is a variety of colors: white, grey, charcoal, green, pink, blue, and black. 




Go check them out here! 


Happy Writing!



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