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Waterman Pens

The Waterman Pen Company was established in 1884 in New York City by Lewis Edson Waterman and remains one of the only surviving first-generation fountain pen companies in the world. In that same year, Lewis Edson Waterman patented the modern feeder system for fountain pens that would forever change how they were made. In 1926 one of the company’s representatives established a Waterman subsidiary in France. With this action Waterman not only experienced an international growth explosion, but their craftsmen in France succeeded in patenting the first fountain pen ink cartridge. Ever since its creation, Waterman has worked to combine innovation, design and excellence. With unrivalled levels of quality and imagination, the grace and distinctiveness of Waterman collections has secured it a place at the heart of elegance and luxury. By blending prestigious materials, color and vibrant personal style, Waterman continues to create some of the most elegant and inventive writing instruments in the world. Pen Boutique is an AUTHORIZED DEALER of Waterman pens. We welcome corporate orders or volume pricing for Waterman pens.