Our Columbia ,MD store is currently closed. Our Online operations is operating and we are shipping. We are doing limited engraving of the pens currently.

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About Us

About PenBoutique

With an eye for quality and outstanding customer service, Leena Shrestha-Menon founded The Pen Boutique to "listen to customers and fulfill their wishes." The humble beginnings from the small store in Columbia , Maryland has grown during the last decade into a world leader in merchandising fine writing instruments and personalized gifts.

Pen Boutique has been given the great honor of having been chosen by Montblanc for its Shop-in-Shop and Signature Display experience at its Columbia, MD location. We are also proud to feature both the Graf von Faber-Castell as well as Cross, Visconti, Waterman and Parker Shop-in-Shop experience. This is the only location in the United States to house all of these prestigious Shop-in-Shop displays under one roof.

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Before we start the journey, I wanted to make sure that we connect on the right way.  What is Pen Boutique and what do we stand for? ( just like that song,  "some nights" - What do we stand for?) 

Back in 2004 it was a concept that I started since I was jobless and a mother of a kid.  I love fine pens, the way fountain pen writes and  it glides on the paper.  I wanted to do something wonderful and something I will love. I see many people being good in the field they love and it seems they are more successful when they do something which they look forward to do everyday.  I wanted to do something very similar.  I thought and thought.  And then I decided.  At every thought I was coming back to the fine pens, the customers I dealt with, the interactions, the joy of explaining about different types of writing instruments.  So there it was.  The Pen Boutique.  It was not easier as I thought.  Vendors were doubting, Mall management were scoffing at presentations (  beautiful pen did not do the trick :-)) and then the Bank managers - they thought I was living pipe dreams.  Make a business succeed with fine writing as the major source of sales? Well, everything has to happen for a reason and fortunately on our 9th try, we came across a fantastic bank manager who loved fine pens and believed on my business plan.  We got the loan and off we went!  From the start, the  emphasis was on the customer service and be part of the pen community.  We made sure that customer service was top notch.  If you build it they will come.  But if you do better customer service they will remember and come again! That is the mantra we had it then and have it now also.  Over the years, at Pen Boutique we are fortunate to have fantastic customers and  wonderful team.  We love selling fine writing instruments and even love more in educating it to the younger generation the importance of fountain pens and writing on paper at early age.  Over the year some good things has happened:

  • We were awarded by Howard County Chamber of Commerce as " Emerging success award".
  • Stella Services did an anonymous customer satisfaction rating and we passed with excellent!
  • For 10 straight years we were awarded "Best of the Columbia" in Boutique category. 
  • We were interviewed by newspapers several times. 
  • Howard County had our store in the Woman-owned business success story. 
  • We were recognized by US Retailers association as the Best of Columbia from 2007 - 2019 consecutively. 
  • Our stores are Montblanc shop-in-shop, Graf von Faber-Castell shop in shop, Lamy Shop-in-shop, Cross premium products shop-in-shop. 
  • We perform charity as part of our business and in association with  Howard County Library promote writing and fountain pens among kids.
  • We support early detection of Breast Cancer in collaboration with ABCF ( American Breast Cancer Foundation). 50% of the proceeds from Parker Pink Jotter Pen "I am a SURVIVOR" goes to ABCF.  

I hope you will  be part of our journey.  Are we going to make mistakes?  Yes. But do give us a chance to fix it.  Our error margin is less.  We are human and I would like it to be that way so that we have that personal touch on orders.  I am not that technology savvy but do have some awesome technology people helping me.   What we like is educating and selling fine pens. And we hope that you will be our customer  for a long time to come :-)

Thank you,


Leena Shrestha-Menon

If you have any questions, call us at:(410) 992-3272. We are open for customer service Monday-Friday 10:00am - 6:00pm and Saturday 10:00am - 5:00pm. We are closed on Sunday and most major holidays.