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Exacompta Established in 1928, Elegant and intelligent, Exacompta products follow a French philosophy that even simple tools should be good quality and a pleasure to use.Exacompta Exact Accounting - was founded in Paris as a printing and binding works to produce ledgers. At a time when accounting was done by hand,Exacompta Exacompta is located on le canal Saint-Martin in the 10th Arrondissement of Paris. manufactured ledgers of exceptional quality. The Books were finely bound, with thick mint or ivory paper and crisp, clear print. Today, Exacompta products are still known for their consistent quality. Exacompta Prestige agendas are printed on two special papers: Registre Azur, a lightly tinted paper scientifically-calibrated to be restful on the eyes; and Ivoire Satine, a very fine ivory paper that is lightweight, but exceptionally flexible and strong. Registre Azur has a faint mint green tint – a subtle nod to its accounting heritage.