Dip pens are unique writing devices that do not have internal ink reservoirs. Instead, you dip the pen’s nib into ink before writing or drawing. Many former dip pen users transitioned to fountain pens when they became more commonplace. However, these pens offer a unique, elegant writing style that fountain pens can’t provide.

Our high-quality dip pens for sale allow you to create lines with a thickness that better displays the subject’s volume and depth. They’re commonly used for calligraphy and sketching, as you can quickly switch from one color to another. A metal dip pen, like the Sailor Compass Hocoro Dip Pen, has interchangeable nibs, allowing you to create varying effects with a single pen base. Pointed and broad point nibs are some of the most popular varieties. We recommend our dip pen sets to creative writers and artists who prefer working with multiple nibs.

Pen Boutique’s selection of luxury dip pens for sale also includes sophisticated, durable and attractive glass versions. Hand-blown glass dip pens are functional artwork. They come in a variety of unique colors and often feature elegant accents. We invite you to take a look at the J. Herbin Round Glass Pen in violet or emerald. Many creatives buy dip pens because they feel luxuriously comfortable in the hand and never rust. The line thickness remains consistent, as glass nibs are not interchangeable.

A dip pen makes an ideal gift for the creative writer or artist in your life. It is unique from other pen types because it can use shellac, waterproof and pigmented inks that most fountain pens can’t use. Learning to use a dip pen is a calming yet rewarding exercise that inspires experimentation and mastery. Although they’re not ideal for daily use, your dip pen is likely to become your favorite writing device for when creativity strikes.