Famous Authors & Their Fountain Pens: Stephen King

Famous Authors & Their Fountain Pens: Stephen King


Stephen King

Stephen King is a well known American author who is known for his horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, crime, and fantasy novels. He's originally from Portland, Maine and was born in September of 1947. Shortly after he was born his father left their family, and Stephen and his older brother were raised by his mother. Financial strain caused them to heavily rely on relatives in different areas from Chicago to Connecticut. Eventually, around 11 years old his family settled in Durham, Maine. 

At a young age Stephen displayed in an interest in horror, and was an avid reader of EC horror comics, including Tales of the Crypt; which he made a tribute to in his screenplay Creepshow. When he was in school he began to write for the fun of it, contributing to Dave's Rag, the newspaper his brother published with a mimeograph machine. On a funny note, he began to sell his stories to friends, but his teachers sound found out and he had to give them their money back.

Some of his most famous works are The Shining, IT, The Stand, Carrie, and The Dark Tower Series. 

Majority of his long handed work was actually written with a Waterman Hemisphere! King claimed that the Hemisphere put him "in touch with language" in a way that has never happened before. He also advises young writer's to use non-digital methods, as it creates less distraction. He doesn't necessarily always write in long hand, but he finds that it is important to try and write in long-hand as it makes you more involved with your writing. 

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