Starwalker, he's a friend of mine
You've seen him looking fine
He's a straight talker na!
It's an extraordinary Writer, it's a Starwalker!

Few borrowed lines from Buffy Sainte-Marie’s song Starwalker can give you the best possible introduction for Mont Blanc Starwalker Series of fine writing instruments. The acrylic dome on the top houses the floating emblem of Montblanc and that very unique feature graces Mont blanc Starwalker with the most spectacular, coolest and original look in the history of pen designing. What a concept!

Montblanc Starwalker

For the past century, Montblanc pens has been synonymous to the plush writing culture and has effortlessly maintained their time-honored craftsmanship and high quality depicting themselves as the best pens for writing. The materials, artistry and compliance towards creating a pen that will take you on a ride among the stars was well-achieved with the collection conceived a decade ago in 2003, the collection which still succeeds in dazing all the pen lovers, like you and like me.

Overall Rating: 7.50/10

Where can you buy it:

1. Mont blanc Starwalker Collection

It’s a Pen that does a lot more than just write.

Meet the Starwalkers!

The Star Walker comes in a couple of designs. First one being the customary sleek, shiny, black resin beauty and the second one, on the contrary, is an easy grip black rubber body stylized with metal patterns--a counterattack to all the condemnation for Montblanc’s reluctance to transform with time.

With the much loved Montblanc Starwalker Fountain Pens , Montblanc Starwalker Ballpoints, Mont blanc Starwalker fineliners/Rollerballs and Montblanc Starwalker Pencils complete this line of super nice pens.

2. Appearance/ design look and feel

Specific Rating: 7.25/10

Uncover the futuristic horizon and follow this sleek explorer to witness the shiny and star-studded sky of luxury in writing.
Starwalker Appearance and Design

The very first glance is all it takes. You will be captivated by the minimalistic, sleek and dignified design of Starwalker and undoubtedly by the cap or top. What looks like a thin white sheet from the profile view actually showcases itself as a beautiful white floating star Mont blanc emblem from above or below.

There is a characteristic three rings design at the grip section in most of the pens from this collection with the middle ring tactfully threaded for the cap. The base of the clip carries the carving- GERMANY. You can also find an individual serial number engraving alongside the MONTBLANC insignia in the ring.

3. Construction and quality

Specific Rating: 8/10

If you are a Montblanc user already, the rounded bottom and the tapered body structure might not come as new to you. The cigar shaped cap in Fountain Pens bears a clip slightly over sized compared to its body. However, the clip is long and quite effortless to flex.

The grip section in various models have an unsmooth surface but nevertheless it offers a nice grip with comfortable hold and according to the various reviews online; it seems fit for the ones with relatively smaller grips.

A contemporary touch to the immensely robust history of penmanship and above all, the value of German Pen Company, Mont blancStarwalker series is undoubtedly one of the most uncompromised pen that has been created.

4. Performance and Reliability

Specific Rating: 7.75/10

This critical analysis is barely faced by Fineliners, Ballpoints and Mechanical Pencils but the Fountain pen. Principally, what determines the performance and reliability of a pen is the nib itself. The slightly tapered towards the bottom, 14K rhodium plated gold nib in the Starwalker fountain pen is smooth. Possibly, that is what it makes it less bouncy and buttery.

However, on the same grounds with M145 Classique, Miesterstuck, the nib might feel a bit dry and scratchy. You might have to struggle a little to maintain the writing angle but it all depends on the writing style of yours.

The ability of the fountain pen nibs to keep up with the speed and abruptness is first-class. Bleed-through? Now what’s that?

Montblanc Starwalker Nibs and Accessories

5. Accessories plus filling System

Specific Rating: 6/10

Surprise!!! (not sure if pleasant or unpleasant): Montblanc Starwalker is a cartridge only pen. Yes, no converters.

Wouldn’t it have been much superior with converters? Don’t sigh yet. I hear various rumors about the adaption of converters. Run a little internet search.

Keeping track of your cartridges and making sure you don’t run out of ink is yet another task you walk into with the purchase of your Starwalker. Quite a negligible one in front of the magnificence with which it writes.

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6. Cost and Value

Specific Rating: 8.50/10

With the craftsmanship and brand value of Mont blanc, Starwalker stands up to its potential.
Gorgeous design and unique features and the attention to every single detail make this series of fine writing instruments a prominient and shiny star in the pen galaxy.
Is Montblanc Starwalker worth it’s price?

Have no second thoughts if you are at the fence. Just go ahead. With our pen shop you can even enjoy some moderately great discounts.

7. Pros and Cons


Lightweight and Sense of Balance
Futuristic and ergonomic design.
Unique Montblanc logo in the transparent dome of resin.
Variety in choice of pen nibs and minimalistic design
Slightly tapered nib
Easy to post – Screws in the back


Cartridge only Fountain pens
Quite a hassle to post, the screw threads can be abrasive to the resin body
Unsmooth grip section in selective series
Relatively oversized clip

8. Final Remarks

Smart and contemporary, this series of fine writing instruments from Montblanc is said to be aimed at the cosmopolites, young, upcoming generation of writers who prefer to make their writing device a style statement. And with the introduction of Starwalker, this is as undemanding as twisting the cap off, fitting it in the back and let the ink bleed.
Fascinating but not too flamboyant, Unique and ultra influential, Montblanc Starwalker rightly knows how to keep the balance while walking among the stars.

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