Pilot Custom 74 Pen Review

Pilot Custom 74

While Pilot may be a common name to many pen users, there is nothing common about the Pilot Custom 74. This pen is an excellent choice for those looking for a constant fountain pen, with good flow and an appealing body. With several options for color, nibs, and ink storage, the Pilot Custom 74 has numerous possibilities.

The Custom 74 is a light and airy pen that comes in a transparent look. The pen comes in three different designs: orange, violet, and clear demonstrator. The see-through design in all three is quite appealing and modern. The orange has a great fall color that is unique and fun. These pens have a mixture of modern and classic design, which is balanced well. The Custom 74 has a light body and a light to medium weight when posted. The pen is about 6.3 inches posted and 5.10 inches closed. Writing it while posted lets the weight rest well on one’s hand. The cap weighs almost as much as the pen. In terms of size, this pen can fit well in most hand sizes without being uncomfortable. The grip is decent and comfortable. A tough and classic looking clip will keep it secure in a any pen sleeve or pocket.

The 14 karat rhodium nib writes exceptionally smooth. The flow is superior to many in the same price range. Down strokes and up strokes are especially smooth with this nib. The pen is available in three nib sizes: fine, medium and broad. The nibs are true Japanese nibs, as they are slightly finer than the average nib. The nib is also very firm and sturdy, yet does not have much flex. A visible ink supply is extremely practical and helpful. The pen comes with a push Con-70 converter. This has a large ink capacity great for heavy writing. The pen can also take a Con-50, which is an easier to use twist converter, but does not come with a large holding capacity. The pen can also take Pilot Cartridges for those on the go. For good flow and exceptional writing, the Pilot Iroshizuku inks are an excellent choice for those who prefer traditional bottle ink.

For an exceptional pen at an exceptional price, the Custom 74 is a great everyday pen for those seeking something high-end. With a light-weight body, fantastic nib, and great ink capacity, the Custom 74 can become a lifelong companion for business or pleasure.

- Babak