By shopping with Pen Boutique, not only are you getting a great product with a customer-oriented focus, you are helping change lives. As much as 10% of your purchase goes directly to charity by way of the Shri Jeet Handicap Service Center and our partnering community helpers. Pen Boutique is dedicated to enriching the lives of the destitute. We see assisting the disadvantaged not as a secondary offshoot of business but as proud duty. Our passion for our product carries over into our extreme passion for a philanthropic world view. This starts with aiding our brothers and sisters in the poverty-stricken villages of Nepal. Pen Boutique revels in giving back. Shopping with Pen Boutique means that you can give back with us.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.




Pen Boutique Charity

As little as $1 per day not only feeds a child but also funds his or her education. With this model in mind, creator Seena Kumari Shrestha promotes self-reliance and provides less-fortunate villagers with both their immediate needs and the ability to sustain life's necessities.

Seena knows the hardship first hand. She overcame her own disability to complete her studies at the Ryder Cheshire Home and began the cycle of sustenance from within her community. With the help of her father Dhan Prasad Shrestha, the SJHSC provides their services specifically to the village of Indrapur and its surrounding area.

The Shri Jeet Handicap Service Center emboldens the villagers by offering a life road map much like its creator has lead: to help, to give back and to continue the cycle of self-reliance.

Based on the trusted advice of the Village Development Committee, disabled children between 10 and 20 years-old are recommended to the Center, with the following 5 step recursive process:

  • Provide lodging and food
  • Educate on health
  • Deliver a skill based approach to learning including sewing, knitting, cutting and the Nepalese hand craft traditions of Dhaka, Mudha, Doko and Dalo.
  • Self-confidence training by way of creating a vision for life and life goals
  • The promotion of completing the circle and helping others do the same

Pen Boutique's role

Giving back to community is a mantra for Pen Boutique. A Maryland-based company, Pen Boutique's prime business is fine writing instruments, but their vision is more vast. Not only did they help to establish the Shri Jeet Handicap Service Center but they contribute 5 to 10 percent of all of their sales to the cause. In addition to the revenue allocation, Pen Boutique provides the Center with all of it's writing and stationary need, vital for the education of the children.

For more information, please visit the web site at or contact one of the headoffices:

Jeet Handicap Service Center
Keshari Marga
Kalikasthan- 79
Kathmandu -32
Jeet Handicap Service Center
5560 Sterrett Place, Suite 101.
Columbia, MD 21044


Partnering Charities

We are happy to partner with local libraries, churches and other institutions. Please visit some of them by clicking the links below:

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