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Colorverse Ink - Colorverse Korea Special Ink Bottle - Bukchon's Daecheong Maru & Seochon's Neungso Hwa - 65ml+15ml

SKU: C_CV- Bukchon's & Seochon's

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The Bukchon & Seochon Ink Set Korea Special Ink Collection by Colorverse!

The Daecheong Maru and Neungso Hwa, are evocative and evocative, transporting the reader to the vibrant neighborhoods of Bukchon and Seochon. I am particularly drawn to the Daecheong Maru ink, which is inspired by the distinctive floor design found in traditional Korean houses. The idea of capturing the warmth of family traditions and the coolness of cherished summer moments in a single ink is truly captivating.

Overall, the Colorverse Bukchon & Seochon Ink Set is a unique and appealing collection that would be a valuable asset to any fountain pen enthusiast.

From vendor:

This ink was made to capture the inspiration from Bukchon & Seochon, a representative place that keeps Korea's traditional appearance in the city of Seoul. There are still places where actual residents live while preserving traditional Korean houses.

Bukchon's Daecheong Maru
It is a color inspired by Daecheongmaru, a floor form found in traditional Korean houses.
It connects between the rooms, and it's a place where the whole family can communicate and stay cool on a midsummer night.

Seochon's Neungso Hwa
During the summer day, if you walk along the alleyway of Seochon, you can often see the scarlet-colored flower, Neungso Hwa in full bloom.


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Product Specifications

Brand Colorverse
Colors Bukchon's Daecheong Maru & Seochon's Neungso Hwa
Compatibility Suitable for all Fountain Pen Brands
Material Glass Bottle
Size 65ml + 15ml
Type Ink Bottle