Delta Foutain Pen - DV Original (Slim-Size) Delta
Delta Foutain Pen - DV Original (Slim-Size) Delta
Delta Foutain Pen - DV Original (Slim-Size) Delta
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Delta Fountain Pen - DV Original (Slim-Size)

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Nib Sizes:Extra Fine
Let your thoughts flow with invigorating collection, the Dolcevita Fountain Pen featuring Stainless Steel Nib by Delta!

This captivating collection invites you to celebrate the sweet life with its all-new designs. Inspired by the true joys of life, including friendship, festivity, art, dance, music, and laughter, the Dolce vita collection exudes invigorating vibes.
Whether you're an artist, writer, or simply someone who loves a beautiful pen, the Dolce vita collection is sure to impress.
Crafted with acrylic resin, the barrel that shines in a brilliant tiger orange hue.
Designed with further elevated and handcrafted silver band made using old skills passed down through generations.
Equipped with a smooth flowing stainless steel nibs, allowing your thoughts to flow freely.


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