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Sailor 1911 Fountain Pen - King of Pens - Iro Miyabi 2nd Edition - Miyabi Nuri - Ran Peki (Bespoke Dealer Exclusive)

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Bespoke 2nd Edition Iro-Miyabi Collection ‘Miyabi-nuri’ by Sailor pens!

Ran-Peki: [rahn peh-key]

Heki (Peki) is a jasper, which was considered a mysterious stone, such as a jade stone of Izumo since ancient times.

Each of these pens is created with the expressive application of lacquers using a silk cloth. The patterns that result are soft, elegant, and refined with colors that precisely complement one another. These pens are made on an ebonite base in a King of Pen size, with a 21K, bi-color gold nib.

All will arrive in their own beautifully crafted paulownia boxes built for lacquer pen storage and decorated with a special Sanada strap: commonly used in Japanese tea ceremonies.

About “Iro-Miyabi” series:
The value of lacquerware was established in the Nara and Heian periods as a symbol of wealth in aristocratic society and a beautiful embodiment of the world of Shintoism and
Buddhism, and colored lacquer has developed along with it. The beauty and profoundness of Japanese traditions, and the lacquerware that enriches and inspires people, are the reasons why the pen barrel is finished in colored lacquer and named the traditional lacquer "Iro-Miyabi" series.

“Kaga-nuri”(also called “Yamanaka-nuri”) is a traditional craft which originated in Kaga city, Ishikawa. In the Edo era, Kaga-nuri was used for tableware or furniture on which beautiful Urushi and Maki-e designs were applied.

A rich expression is created by taking lacquer on a silk cloth and stroking it. The pattern is expressed by using base color lacquer and special lacquer so that it does not stand out strongly and expresses a sense of fineness. In addition, pure gold and silver powders are gently sprinkled on the surface of the lacquer.

Sailor has made a new design for their nibs. The pens which are produced from January 2022 onwards will have the new-design nib. The difference between the old nib and the new nib:

  1. New nib does not have '1911' engraved on it
  2. New design of the anchor
  3. New design of the "SAILOR" engraving below the anchor
  4. The 'H' letter (abbreviation of 'Hard') is removed from the nib size indicator on the left side of the new nib 

Depending on the availability of our stock, you may receive the old Sailor nib design or the new Sailor nib.

FINISH: Ran peki

Chitose midori Fukaai Suou Usukou Wabi sabi red Wabi sabi green Bun jin cha Ran peki Kon ruri Fukaki ake


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Product Specifications

Brand Sailor Pens
Cap can post Yes
Cap Mechanism Screw
Colors Green (Ran-peki)
Dimensions 6" L x 0.7" D
Filling Mechanisms Cartridge or Converter
Grip Material Ebonite
Has Clip Yes
Material Ebonite
Nib Color 2-Tone
Nib Material 21K Gold with Bicolor Plating
Refills & Inks
  • Sailor Ink Bottles
  • Sailor Ink Cartridges
  • Sailor Ink Converter (Optional)
  • Series Sailor 1911
    Special Features Iro-miyabi lacquering technique is used to develop the pen finesse, which was found lacquered in the Nara and Heian era as a symbol of wealth among the aristocracy and as a symbol of gods and Buddha.
    Trims Gold Plated
    Type Fountain
    Warranty Sailor Writing Instrument is warranted against original factory defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the original date of purchase from the original and Sailor Authorised retailer/vendor where the instrument was obtained