5 Reasons Why Fountain Pens are Coming Back

5 Reasons Why Fountain Pens are Coming Back


 5 Reasons Why Fountain Pens are Coming Back


 Fountain pens can be very economical in the long run and this is because they can be refilled and can feel higher quality than a pen offered at an office or hotel. Fountain pens can be used with bottled ink and this is what makes them so economical because you can purchase a bottle of ink for as little as 10 dollars and a bottle can last anywhere from a couple months for the most intensive writer to maybe even over a year. When purchasing a fountain pen you should buy one that you feel is high quality and one that you can see yourself writing with long term, it may seem like a big upfront investment but its better to get one that will last a long time so don't rush, take your time and make an informed decision when purchasing pens.


  Studies have been conducted about the benefits of writing things down manually as opposed to typing them and how much more you remember and actually absorb when you write physically. Especially for people using their pens in a school or work setting, this could really help with retaining information from a meeting or while taking notes in class because it keeps you more engaged. I know that from experience, when I take notes with pen and paper in my most intensive courses like Japanese versus when I study online, I end up remembering a lot more from what I've handwritten. This technically doesn't mean you have to choose a fountain pen but why not branch out and write in style?

Digital Overload

    This kind of goes back to my last point but as we continue towards a more digitized future it is more and more common for analog things to disappear in favor of convenience. By choosing to use a pen, especially a fountain pen, you are making a choice that keeps the history of writing alive and one that  makes you think a little more than just opening your laptop and typing away which, for me, can feel like a bit of a mindless task. This especially works if you take time out of your day to dedicate to writing, every night I try to just relax with some music and just write with no distraction, its nice to unplug sometimes and I think it can benefit mental health as well!

Helps Thinking Process  

    Writing by hand is something that takes time because of the analog nature of it, obviously computers are faster but as covered in previous points on this list, faster is not always better. Having to focus and hand write each letter inspires more thought because you have no backspace option, there is no erase when using a fountain pen so especially when you write a letter to someone, you want it to look neat so it makes you take your time and focus on making something beautiful. Pens could also spark critical thinking, something that seems to be in short supply these days unfortunately, because when slowing down and not rushing you feel more free and your mind can wander.

They are Fun!

    The most important point on this list is also my favorite, the one that keeps me writing now, they are fun! Get pens that spark joy within yourself, ones that you enjoy the look of every-time you take it out to write with it, when you look down while writing you get a kick out of the pen, ink and paper combo. Maybe I sound crazy by saying that but it's really how I feel when I write because I love my pens and I think everybody should have a pen that they feel this strongly about! If you don't have a pen that you feel this strongly about but want one or don't know where to start, come back to us and we will get you writing in no time!