Coming Soon: Punilabo Pen Cases

Coming Soon: Punilabo Pen Cases


                           Punilabo Pen Cases

Coming in soon are these adorable Punilabo Pen Cases! 

There are 10 different animal options available: 

Penguin, Parakeet, Boston Terrier, Calico Cat, Panda, Pig, Gray Cat, Black Cat, Shiba Inu Dog, and Brown Bear. 

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These are silicone cases that are easy to carry and can easily transform into a pen cup for your desk! 
The bottom of the case pops up when you press it down on a desk, lifting the contents and making them easy to pick through.

They are also water resistant and easy to clean. 

You can use them for almost anything -- pens, pencils, cosmetics, accessories, etc up to 6.5".

We should be getting them in next week, so keep an eye out for them!

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