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We may not want to admit it, but the start of the new school semester will come upon us fast. Lamy pens and Letts of London notebooks want you to be prepared. For a limited time Pen Boutique is offering a fountain pen/notebook combination that will have the most dedicated scholastic note taker set and ready to go. We have four different black and red combinations to choose from. Each set comes with a medium point fountain pen and a ruled notebook.

A recent study by Princeton University concluded that you will retain information longer if you take the notes by hand. Taking notes by long-hand forces one to engage with the material a little more in order to pick out the most important and relevant information. By engaging with the content in this way your future studying should go more quickly. It was found that while taking laptop study notes many students were prone to distraction, multitasking on other sites and not being on task. All these elements led to decreased performance.

For a short time we are offering, at a reduced price, this unique combination set that will help steer you on the best path to retain, study and learn.


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