Handwriting Day is on Jan 23rd. What is your favorite pen?

2020: Wrapped Reading Handwriting Day is on Jan 23rd. What is your favorite pen? 2 minutes Next Platinum #3776 Century Fountain pens from Japan!

In the memory of John Hancock,  the National handwriting day is on Jan 23rd.  In the modern world when things are moving to digital, take a moment to embrace the traditional method of writing.  While things are moving at blazing speed, there is something about the pen , paper and the ink.  It creates a great feeling and you are able to suddenly take your time and slow down.  It allows you to put things into perspective and value the art of writing.  

You can start National Handwriting Day  with these ideas  to help you started with the analog world

- Start writing a journal or write a page everyday.  Something which comes to your mind and just start writing or may be write about the day!

- Write a letter to your loved one or parents or your children.  The value of handwritten letter is priceless. Emails might be forgotten but a letter will be cherished. 

- Whip out your favorite pen and may be it needs the cleaning or ink refilled? Give it the extra love.  Write with it until you feel fulfilled.  

- Share your handwritten letter online to the world.  use instagram, facebook, pinterest or any media and hashag it #nationalhandwritingday

What is your favorite pen and ink that you will be using on that day?  May be add a fountain pen friendly paper too? 


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