Independence Day – 4th July

The importance of Independence Day cannot be conveyed in words, the declaration of democracy was a glorious moment for each and every American. Till this date the glorious event that took place in 4th July 1776 carries a promising faith of what became a new independent America. This day reflects a great significance to all fellow Americans as it’s the day when United Stated claimed its independence from the palms of England by signing the declaration of independence.

Every year Independence Day is celebrated with immense joy by setting aside the hustle and bustle of regular life and reliving this day with pride and glory. As per the occasion a number of events take place all across the country to express the joy of freedom. Most tend to celebrate this federal holiday outdoors attending various carnivals and picnic with family and friends while others aim to hear the speech conveyed by the politicians who are very less likely to introduce themselves in public on a normal day. At the end of the day fireworks all across the country glitters up the sky with the sparks of freedom. This year Pen Boutique is glad to wish each and every fellow Americans a very happy Independence Day.