Montblanc Grace Kelly Pens–Grace is in the air

I believe that out of all of the fairytales ever written, America loves the Cinderella story best. Perhaps because it so closely embodies the American Dream is why people find the very idea of Cinderella’s trials and tribulations fascinating. An exciting, sweeping tale of coming from nothing and through hard work and determination, finally reaching a plateau of success and finding one’s happily ever after. It’s romantic, in a classically beautiful kind of way. The Montblanc Company, however, has decided to put its own spin on storytelling by honoring a woman who lived a life that can only be described as an American fairytale.
This lovely lady icon of the 20th century has over one hundred different names. The Princess Consort of Monaco, Her Serene Highness, The Princess of Monaco, the Duchess of Valentinois, Miss Grace Patricia Kelly, and dozens upon dozens more elegant titles. Despite her many names, she will always hold a place in the hearts of American and Europeans alike as the one and only, Princess Grace. The former Monacan Princess is celebrated around the world for her legendary fashion style, her talent as an Oscar-winning actress, her lifelong commitment to the arts and her undying commitment to helping others. A lady of charm, grace and enchanting elegance, the Princess is remembered not only for her classical refinement and beauty, but her kindheartedness as well.
Hand-in-hand with the Princess Grace Foundation-USA (PGF-USA), Montblanc has decided to pay homage to one of the 20th century’s most unforgettable women. The PGF-USA was founded in 1982 by Prince Rainier III, the Princess’s husband, to help support and fund nationwide theatres, theatre groups, dance studios, film studios and all those who pursue a career in the arts. Over the years it has expanded its program to award grants to playwriting and choreography. Some of the more notable recipients of the grants include director Anna D. Shapiro, playwright Tony Kushner, American ballet dancer Gillian Murphy and the creator of SpongeBob SquarePants, Stephen Hillenburg. Needless to say, Montblanc has always been an avid and uncontested supporter of the arts. With their Patron of Arts and Writers Edition collections receiving new members every other season, Montblanc is no stranger to artistic innovation. Together, both companies have decided to create the Princesse Grace De Monaco collection, a timeless and artful tribute to her eternal sophistication and compassionate heart.
Each component of every member of the special edition collection accentuates the feminine delicacy that made Princess Grace.
· The Grace De Monaco pen’s slender and shapely body is fashioned out of precious royal purple resin. It provides a deep, majestic coloring that is beautifully complimented by champagne-tone gold-plated accents.

· This regal coloring also extends to the cap’s uniquely exceptional design. The clip, made of the same champagne-colored material, encircles the top of the cap in a delicately feminine wrap like a gold-plated coat. The clip narrows and ends with an embellished petal-cut, heat-treated pink topaz approximately 0.39 ct. This pink gem reiterates the regal gentleness of the piece and adds a decidedly princess-like flair to the entire presentation. Princess Grace’s personal monogram is engraved just underneath the world-famous Montblanc snowflake.
· From top to base, the cone is a smooth, shiny sheet of champagne-colored gold plating. The bottom of the cone is expertly enriched with a stunning mother-of-pearl cabochon.
· The fountain pen’s nib, exquisite in its individuality, is 18K gold with a heart-shaped breathing hole.
· The rings encircling the cap and barrel are finely engraved with a diamond-shaped pattern inspired by the Monacan Coat of Arms.
From Olympic championships to the vaudeville stage, Princess Grace’s family was a collection of successful and inspiring individuals. Even under the shadows of such individuals, Grace Kelly managed to make a place for herself on the international stage. She rose from a background of promise and humble fame to become an American starlet who would eventually become the beloved Princess of Monaco. Her impeccable acting career, legendary style, selfless philanthropy and her eventual ascension to royalty all collaborated to make her the star of her own great American fairytale; a once-in-a-century adventure that she traversed with grace and dignity. This is the kind of woman that Montblanc has chosen to honor, and I believe it’s safe to say that this iconic lady has not only earned this honor, but deserves it. Nous vous aimons, Princesse.