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Montegrappa Muhammed Ali Limited Edition Pen

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If you are a fan of boxing then odds are that you are fan of Muhammed Ali. What Pele is to Soccer,what Jordan is to Basketball,Tiger Woods is to Golf, Ali is to the world of boxing.Undoubtedly Ali is the greatest boxer the world has seen till date. Possession of Montegrappa’s special addition on Ali would be a great collection item that would look just awesome to any collector .
The design of the pen reflects elements of Muhammad Ali’s career as a professional boxer and celebrity boxer.The limited edition pen also addresses key elements of Muhammad Ali's life. 1942 is the year of his birth. He fought 61 fights. He won 56. His wins by knockout numbered 37. Inspired by these astonishing figures, Montegrappa has created 1942 fountain pens and 1942 roller balls in resin with sterling silver trims, 61 fountain pens with solid gold trims and 56 roller balls with solid gold trims.That’s a quite impressive figure for both Ali and Montegrappa.
The barrel bears the colors of his boxing shorts in white pearlized resin with black stripes. The solid gold clip is reminiscent of the stitching on Ali’s boxing gloves. The cap’s profile follows the arc of a speed bag, crowned with the squared shape of the “World Championship” diamond-encrusted ring worn by Ali. Ali's signature is found on the cap, with the legend “The Greatest of All Time” engraved around the top.
The pen has been crafted with amazing craftsmanship and the best part of the entire pen (atleast my favorite ) is the nib, with its gold inlaid silhouette of the classic Ali pose with his hands raised in the air. Keep staring at those winning moments whenever you write with this pen.

Also available is an exclusive "knock-out" edition, gold-trimmed and set with diamonds in the cap's end-piece. Only 37 in total this was produced with the client selecting either a fountain pen or roller ball. Each solid gold version will bear a number corresponding to a specific opponent and fight, the pen engraved with the fighter's name, as well as the date and location of the event.

The year 2010 has been a exemplary year from Montegrappa in Limited editions. It saw the release of Montegrappa Alfa Romeo Limited Edition pen, Montegrappa St Andrews Links Limited Edition Pen being the top ones.
It comes packed in a beautiful Gift Pack which secures the pen and gives it the collectors look and feel.
Prices on Pen Boutique website is
Montegrappa Icons Muhammad Ali Sterling Silver Limited Edition Fountain Pen $2595
Montegrappa Icons Muhammad Ali Gold Limited Edition Fountain Pen $18,500
Montegrappa Icons Muhammad Ali Sterling Silver Limited Edition Rollerball Pen $2195
Montegrappa Icons Muhammad Ali Gold Limited Edition Rollerball Pen $21,500
Montegrappa Icons Muhammad Ali Gold with Diamonds Knock-Out Rollerball Pen $25,000(yes I haven't misspelt it )
Montegrappa Icons Muhammad Ali Gold with Diamonds Knock-Out Fountain Pen $21,900
Call out Customer Care executives (1-800-263-2736 ) for discount of these prices.
One of the famous dialogue of the movie Cars is “Float like a Cadillac and Sting like a beemer” . Well its an adaptation from the fighting style of Muhammed Ali which he described in his own words as “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”. I would rephrase it for Montegrappa’s special edition ,that the Special edition of this pen right now “writes like butter and sells like hot cake” . Get it before its all gone..


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