Parker Sets for all Sorts

The Question is WHICH Parker?

If you're scrambling for a last minute gift for a Grad or Dad in your life then have a look at our fresh new stock of Parker pen sets. Parker is well established internationally as one of the forefathers of the modern fountain pen. Parker's have become so ubiquitous in the pen world that many "pen standards" have been set based on how Parker did it at first (a Parker-style ballpoint refill is extremely easy to find and will fit into ballpoints from many pen companies).

While Parker is still making classic, low-key pens, what many people don't know is that they have a stellar selection of pens mixing modern with classic. It's these unique combinations that make a pen a pleasure to use and others take note. Pen Boutique has 4 newly-introduced sets all of which are stellar gifts (for yourself or others) that feature gorgeous pens.


All of the sets come in gorgeous gift boxes with a dark brass and gold colored box. The interior of the boxes is a tan velveteen with a brass-colored embossing of the Parker name and logo. The attention to detail in packaging perfectly reflects the sleek, modern pens that are stored inside of them. Read on about one of the sets we're now offering at Pen Boutique:

Parker IM Ballpoint and Fountain Pen Set in Brushed Metal

This is a set of 2 pens from the Parker's IM line -- a ball point and a fountain pen in a brushed metal finish. The pen appointments are a glossy chrome finish and of course the clip is the iconic Cross-arrow. The IM pens are an incredible value.

Due to the metal body they have a great weight to them and a modern look. The ballpoint performs just as you would expect from a Parker pen-- dependable and with a lovely flow. Same can be said for the fountain pen in the set. When using Parker blue ink, the pen comes to life when vivid blue words are effortlessly created. This pen comes with one blue ink cartridge and will accept a Parker converter.

This pen/these pens would be good for people who are:

-looking for a pen that will match most any outfit (including Mad Men costumes or wedding dresses)
-just starting at a professional job
-interested in dabbling in fountain pens
-into pens on that are heavier or made of metal
-want to switch between a ballpoint and fountain pen

Stay tuned for a post tomorrow about other Parker sets that are now available!

Inked up,

Pen Boutique