Edison Pens x Pen Boutique Exclusive Blue McCaw Fountain pen

Edison Pens x Pen Boutique Exclusive Blue McCaw Fountain pen

A stunning but exceedingly rare bird, the Blue Macaw has captured the hearts of millions. A parrot native to the Amazon rainforest, they’re fighting their way back from being driven to extinction by poaching. Known to most as the centerpiece of the 2011 film Rio, the real life counterparts to the birds in the film are currently extinct in the wild with the last wild sighting in 2016, but the captive birds are being bred in an attempt to reintroduce them.

Also known as the Spix’s Macaw, these birds can live as long as 30 years, a longevity reflected by the permanence of the diamond dust mixed into the resin to give a unique sparkle. 

The mix of amber, light blue, and cerulean resins found in the body and cap of the pen is known as Blue McCaw, a proprietary mix from McKenzie reflecting the distinct coloration of these birds. The resin flows in an unpredictable way in each pen, creating a truly unique appearance every time. Mixed with these resins is a fine diamond dust visible in direct light, sparkling like stars behind a nebula. The gold of the clip and nib cleanly accent the swirling resin, and its shine further emphasizes the light of the diamond dust.

Like all Edison pens, this limited edition is made in the USA, and uses specially tuned Jowo nibs to provide an exceptional writing experience. The nibs are a mixture of the old two tone gold nibs and the all gold nib in random creating another excitement in this collection.